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ENI11HD Series Heavy-Duty Incremental Rotary Encoder [Movie]

The heavy-duty incremental rotary encoders of the ENI11HD series guarantee reliable measurement results in harsh environments. Versatile in many applications, the encoder is also used in speed feedback for large asynchronous motors. Its exceptionally sturdy design withstands extreme environmental conditions, such as heat, cold, dirt, constant vibrations, severe shocks, and electromagnetic interference.

The ENI11HD heavy-duty incremental rotary encoders offer comprehensive protection against shaft currents. The series is insensitive to electromagnetic emissions. Its extreme resistance to vibrations and shocks makes this a highly resilient component that guarantees high process reliability and minimal failure risk. Its 4 × 90° swiveling junction box simplifies handling and allows cables to be installed quickly in the field.


    ◾Fleksibel installation med fire-positions tilslutnings adgang
    ◾Robust konstruktion der giver ekstra modstands mod stød og vibrationer
    ◾Høj beskyttelses grad, IP66/IP67 og IP69K, til brug i barske applikationer
    ◾Pålidelig driftunder meget høj EMC vilkår