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Support Explosion Protection

LB (Zone 2, Class I/Div. 2)

LB remote I/O stations are mounted in Zone 2, Class I/Div. 2 hazardous areas. They form a modular signal conditioning system to interface signals from the field with a control system in the safe area. LB Remote I/O connects your conventional sensors and actuators to your DCS using a single standardized fieldbus connection (PROFIBUS, Modbus and others).

There is a wide spectrum of single and multi-channel I/O modules available offering intrinsically safe and safe area field connections. This ensures that engineering is easy and adaptable to the needs of your plant concept.

  • I/O modules for Ex i (intrinsic safety) and safe area field connections
  • I/O modules can be mounted on the backplane in any order
  • 1 - 8 channel I/O modules
  • Standard busses (PROFIBUS, Modbus, Ethernet …)
  • Configuration can be accomplished via the bus
  • HART communication available
  • Optional redundancy for bus and power supply
  • Supports the FDT concept
  • Bus independent SIL 2 shut down outputs available
  • FATs and GAMP4 FATs optional

For dust hazardous area mounting (Zone 22, Class II/Div. 2), the system needs to be mounted in a cabinet that meets special specifications: the enclosure must be protected against falling dirt, circulating dust, and windblown dust .